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Starting a keyword research

You have to do a keyword research - the study or the anlaysis of the use of keywords by people searching for products, information and services.

Simple math for a profitable PPC bidding

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine submission is undeniably the most straightforward and convenient way for your site to have a safe and profitable position in search engines.

How to get a better PPC ranking with a limited budget

Gone are the days when a dime would give you a top position for a PPC keyword. It's no surprise that you cannot afford even the 10th ranking on some keyword terms and phrases.

Keyword Commandments

Selecting the right keywords to emphasize on your site is crucial to your website optimization. There are plenty of "thou shall nots" that search engine optimizers seem to break constantly, simply ...

Play Lists
  • PPC Data (20 videos)
  • Organic Data (8 videos)
  • Affiliate Database (9 videos)
  • Time Machine (7 videos)
  • Membership (5 videos)
PPC Data(20 videos)
  • Getting the Big Overview
  • The Competitive Intelligence Report
  • Who Are Your PPC Competitors?
  • Category Specifics ... Breadcrumbs to Riches
  • Keyword Vs. Competitors ... What's the Difference?
  • Who Are Your Competitors .. Really?
  • 30, 001 Keywords in 3 Seconds Or Less ...
  • Digging Deep On The Competition ...
  • Exporting ... Did You Want To Know More?
  • 6 Second Snapshot ... Market Research On Steroids
  • Who Are Your Keyword Competitors?
  • ROI, Price, Clicks ... Understanding Keyword Metrics
  • Diging Deeper Into The Keyword Data
  • Exporting Your Keyword Details ... What To Expect?
  • Did They Really Use This Ad?
  • The Devil Is In The Ad Details
  • Skimming The Cream Of The Crop
  • Advance Keyword Analysis Training
  • Advance Competition Analysis Training
  • A View From The Top ... Finding Gold In The Hills
Organic Data(8 videos)
  • Who Are Your Organic Competitors?
  • Understanding The Organic Research Tool
  • Where Does Your Competition Rank?
  • Content Specifics ... Exporting Organic Data
  • So You Want To Rank For That Keyword?
  • SEO Specifics From 50, 000 Feet
  • Revealing Market Strategy
  • Advance Organic Ranking Analysis
Affiliate Database(9 videos)
  • Affiliate Tracking Area Overview
  • Selecting The Right Site
  • Instant Profit Snapshot Of Products And Affiliates
  • Who's Doing What?
  • Let Someone Else Pay For Your Research
  • If You Got The Golden Egg
  • What's Working ... What's Not
  • Product Research In A Flash
  • Super Affiliate To The Rescue
Time Machine(7 videos)
  • Who Said That You Couldn't Go Back In Time?
  • Free Advertising Research ... On Their Dime
  • One Graph ... Two Meanings
  • But Where Did They All Land?
  • Little Changes ... BIG Differences
  • Who Has Been Fighting For What?
  • Advance Time Machine Manipulation
Membership(5 videos)
  • Understanding Your Membership
  • Navigating The Layout
  • About Your Account Settings
  • Who's Your Market?
  • Recent & Watch Lists